In this series Iā€™m interested in the push and pull of masculinity and how it can manifest through metaphor and sequence.  V is a self portrait of a visual struggle of dissociation and reconfiguring in order to allow the viewer to see into a state of mind.  One that inhabits notes of brutality and fragility characterized through images of the body, the built environment and the natural landscape.  V characterizes this relationship as both internal and external, with each body leaving marks upon the other.  The power structures that support this dialogue manifest as visual interruptions in the intervening space between reflection and perception. 

The title V describes the ambiguity of the project itself. In ancient times, V was used interchangeably with the letter U. V is the Roman Numeral for five and embodies a downward pointing arrow. For this work, the two lines that create the letter V intersect where the body and the environment exchange forces. These images represent a visualization of this conversation. The installation is emblematic of the work in that the scale, distance and dimensions are variable. Like the letter V, I am asking my viewer to bring their own associations and meanings to the images and the body of work as a whole.